Benefits & Perks

You deserve a’ yacht!

a wave of perks

Working at Argosy wouldn’t be fun and adventurous without some additional perks! We want you to have a blast on and off the clock. All full time and part time employees receive the below.


Commuter benefits

We are committed to the environment and encourage public transportation! Receive a monthly stipend from Argosy and add to the total with pre-tax deductions. 


Free Cruise tickets

It’s not all work, we want you to play! Enjoy our cruises and relax as a guest. Bring a friend, your family or fly solo. 


discounts on food, Bev, & Merch

Hungry or thirsty on your cruise? Need some swag? Of course we’ll hook you up! Discounts on snacks, drinks, and our gift shop exclusive to you.


direct deposit

No hassle of depositing a check every pay period – you can wake up and find your paycheck right in your bank account!


beautiful work views

Believe us when we say, you will never get tired of the waterfront views! Beautiful blues and the Seattle skyline? YES PLEASE!



It’s one thing to love your job, but you are sure to love your team just as much. We support each other on and off the boats.


Depending on your position and the number of hours you work, you could be entitled to the below benefits. We want to ensure that you are not only covered at work, but covered outside of Argosy. If you have any questions on eligibility, specific plans, etc. please see our Contact Us page!