About Us

Anchor down! We have a ton of history. 

The Beginning

Captain Lynn Campbell establishes Spring Street Water Taxi Company, a ferrying service across Elliott Bay.

Tours are born

Seattle waterfront tours are launched. With much popularity, Spring Street Water Taxi Company is renamed Seattle Harbor Tours.

start of our christmas tradition

The vessel Spirit of Seattle joins the fleet and becomes the new official Christmas Ship™.

A time of growth

The Locks Cruise is added and a year round schedule established for the first time. Charter boats bought and booked!

Final Name change

Seattle Harbor Tours is renamed Argosy Cruises to better reflect the many services offered (meaning fleet of ships in Greek).

seattle attractions unite

Argosy Cruises partners with family-owned business, CityPASS, to help travelers coming to Seattle see the most iconic attractions at a great value. 

Argosy Cruises on Lake Washington
A lot of new

Three boats from the Argosy fleet go through major renovations in order to modernize both the style and look of the interior. The vessel, Spirit of Seattle, undergoing the most work!

better than ever

Stationed and cruising on the waterfront for more than 70 years, we have become the Northwest's largest cruise company. Come be a part of history! 

Argosy Cruises

Our History

Who are we?

A family-owned and Seattle-operated business that has become the largest premiere boat tour company in the Northwest. Founded as Spring Street Water Taxi, we have taken our final form and become Argosy Cruises!

We offer must-see tourist attractions, like Seattle’s Original Harbor Cruise™, host countless social parties and corporate events, and put on community activities, including the annual Christmas Ship™ Festival and other holiday events.

Hey captain, here's Our crew

Meet a handful of wonderful team members from our Marine Operations, Shoreside Hospitality, and Corporate office.


Olivia Commuter Service Agent

It’s a privilege to come to work every day on Seattle’s picturesque waterfront. Building relationships with all the beautiful people who ride our ferry, as well as the employees and owners of our neighboring businesses, is pure joy.


Hesper Shift Lead

I like the small company size at Argosy and working for a company that knows who I am. I love being on the water daily. I enjoy the educational aspect of the job when giving tours. Working on boats appeals to similar kinds of people so I really have fun with my coworkers. 


frank Shoreside hospitality

There are many things about Argosy Cruises I care about [like] learning and growth, constantly adapting. [It] allowed me to share my compassions [that] aligned with Argosy, giving me a chance [to] share my native culture and learn everything within the company. I’ll leave you with this: In my culture there’s no phrase for goodbye in my language. We say “ndm-al-gyik-niidzn” “Sa’aaml-waan” translates to “until we meet again.”


jeremy Shift Lead & Deckhand

There is never a boring day at Argosy. It’s super busy in the summer which makes the work days fly. Spending every day on the water is one of my favorite things about the job other than tour guiding and my co-workers. I’ve learned about bartending and how fun it is and more about boats. Its a blast working with the people here and getting to spend time on the water!


michelle Food, Beverage, and Retail manager

I love sharing the best of the Pacific Northwest with our guests from around the country and world. Whether it’s the stunning scenery out on the water, knowledge shared by our tour guides, or delicious local beverages and snacks, I take pride in the unmatched experience that our entire team
provides for our guests.